WELCOME TO northstar autocomp pvt ltd

Make the Impossible

Success is not cast in stone . It's forged through innovation and unyielding effort . 

Forging Facilities

We equipped our forging facilities with advanced cutting-edge technologies and machineries, that deliver great eciencies ..


We have a unique set of machining lines that prioritize short ...


we over a dedicated chamber that provides uniform heating.....

Quality & Inspection

We have implemented stringent testing and quality control..

Foremost Innovation

Our Company has manufacturing capability and prowess to quickly respond to its customer , ever shifting product , volume and delivery requirements . 

With a dynamic manufacturing capability and unmatched prowess, our company Northstar AutoComp Pvt Ltd , excels in rapidly responding to the ever-shifting landscape of customer demands. Whether it’s adapting to changing product specifications, varying production volumes, or evolving delivery requirements, we stand ready with agility and precision. Our commitment to flexibility and responsiveness ensures that we not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations, providing tailored solutions in a swiftly changing market environment.